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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort ascending
M60-MB Master's Thesis 60
M60-RAD Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-LA Master's Thesis 60
M60-KB Master's Thesis 60
M60-KJEMI Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
TILLML06 Legislation about Medicinal Products NO 6
VH-LAB Laboratory Animal Science For Research Workers NO 6
VETFORSK360 Laboratory Animal Science for Research Workers EN 6
VET301 Animal Biology NO 6
NOVA-301 Nordic Zoo, Wildlife and Conservation Medicine EN 6
PHDLAS Laboratory Animal Science NO 6
GMGM200 Geomatics and Society NO 5
GEO211 Quaternary Geology - Field Course NO 5
SKOG101 Forest and Wood Technology NO 5
SKOG102 Introduction to Forest Management NO 5
GMLM211 Marine Geodesy NO 5
GMLM105 Geomatics for Civil and Landscape Engineers NO 5
GMSG200 Satellite Geodesy EN, NO 5
GMSG210 Satellite Positioning NO 5
SKOG200 Forest Biology, Ecology and Production NO 5
PPFO403 Competencies for sustainable development. Perspectives on research and development. NO 5
EDS415 Qualitative Methods in Development Studies EN 5
GEO311 Geological Excursion EN, NO 5
GEO221 Hydrogeology - Field Course EN, NO 5
RØP320 Forest Biometrics NO 5
EDS378B State building and conflict in fragile states. EN 5
GMBB100 Remote Sensing in Geomatics NO 5
GMBB201 Image Processing in Geomatics EN, NO 5
SKOG205 Resource Mapping and Inventory NO 5
MAST300 Planning the Master Thesis EN, NO 5
REIS200 Tourism as Phenomenon and Industry NO 5
PØL100 Ecological Agriculture NO 5
GMFO301 Photogrammetry 3 NO 5
GMFO310 Close-Range Photogrammetry NO 5
THT320 Environmental Analysis EN, NO 5
GMGI102 Geographical Information Systems, Basics NO 5
REIS210 Nature Interpretation NO 5
THT201 Rapid Methods for Assessing Environmental Parameters, Laboratory Course NO 5
EIE101 Introduction to Real Estate I NO 5
FYS161 Meteorology and Climate NO 5
TBA223 Construction - Concrete NO 5
FORN240 Energy Distribution and Storage Systems EN 5
TBA222 Construction - Steel and Wood EN, NO 5
FORN350 Sustainable management of resources in a circular economy NO 5
FORN230 Energy Policy and Markets NO 5
TBA201 Soil Mechanics NO 5
TBA110 Free-hand Drawing NO 5
TBA100 The Heritage of Buildings NO 5
TBA331 Building Performance Simulation NO 5
FYS102A Physics for Biotechnologists NO 5
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