Tentative program 2

Theme 1 The Environment  (Organizer Anne Marte Tronsmo)
What is a ‘normal’ environment?  Speaker to be announced
Effect of low temperature on the abiotic environment: Soil frost Lars Egil Haugen, Norway
Snow – An environment conducive to psycrophilic fungi, “Snow moulds” - Naoyuki Matsumoto, Japan

Theme 2 Effects of  ”Cold” on plants and microorganisms

Theme 2A Plants (Organizer J Einset)
Cold stress in plants – physiological/biochemical responses to low temperature (freezing and chilling injury) - Christiaan van der Schoot. Norway

Theme 2B Microorganisms
(Organizer A Tronsmo)
Cold stress in microbes - Rosa Margesin. Austria

Theme 2C Effects of indirect cold stress (Organizer Bjarni Gudleifsson)
Physical and chemical winter stresses to plants - Bjarni Gudeifsson. Iceland.

Theme 3 Cold adaptation in living organisms

Theme 3A Physiological adaptations in plants (Organizer J E Olsen)
Physiological cold adaptation in plants– acclimatization, cold hardening in herbaceous plants. - Marcin Rapacz, Polen
Physiological cold adaptation in plants– acclimatization, cold hardening in woody plants. - Øystein Johnsen, Norway.

Theme 3B Genetic adaptation in plants- plant breeding
(Organizer O A Rognli)
Genetic cold adaptation in plants. - Garbor Galiba, Hungary.
Association mapping to identify new determinants for frost resistance in barley. - Luigi Cattivelli, Italy

Theme 3C: Cold adaptation in microorganisms (Organizer A Tronsmo)
Cold adaptation in fungi. - Tamotsu Hoshino, Japan

Theme 4 Plant- microbe interaction in cold environment
(Organizers A M Tronsmo and I S Hofgaard)
Plant – microbe interaction in cold environment – Denis Gaudet, Canada
Genetic and molecular bases of snow mould resistance in annual bluegrass. -  Annick Bertrand, Canada 
Biological control of plant diseases in cold environment. - Tom Hsiang, Canada
Mycoparasitism and mineral sequestration of Trichoderma atroviride, a cold adapted biological control agent, and its effects on plants. - Jenifer Huang McBeath, USA

Theme 5 Climatic changes - Challenges
What challenges must plants and microbes face in a new environment?

Theme 5A Modeling (Simulating) the effects of climatic change (Organizer Trond Rafoss)
Modelling the effects of climate change. - Marcel van Oijen, UK. 

Theme 5B. Biological responses to climate change. What are our main knowledge gaps?

Panel discussion
Soil microflora in a changing climate Plant acclimatization and freezing tolerance under a changing climate (J Einset)Plant diseases in a changing winter climate (A M Tronsmo)Breeding plants that tolerates an unpredictable climate (O A Rognli)

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