5th International Conference on Plant and Microbe Adaptation to the Cold (PMAC2009)


Photo: Matthew Fang

The Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that the 5th International Conference on Plant and Microbe Adaptation to the Cold will be held 4-8 December 2009 at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in s, Norway.

This years meeting follows in a series of meetings starting with Japan (1997), Iceland (2000), Canada (2003) and Italy (2006).

Themes for the conference
The effect of low temperature on plants and microorganisms, their physiological and genetic adaptation to frost and cold and interactions between plants and microorganisms. One of the main themes of the conference will focus on the effect of climatic changes; how this can be predicted with mathematical models, and also on the knowledge gaps for making reliable models on the effect of climatic changes on winter survival of plants.

I. The Environment
What is a normal environment (million year perspective)? Effect of low temperature on the abiotic environment. Ice formation. Soil movement. Desiccation. Availability of nutrients in soil.

II.Responses of plants and microorganisms to cold
Plants Cold stress in plants physiological/biochemical effects of low temperature (freezing and chilling injury), dormancy. Microorganisms - Cold stress in microorganisms / Cold stress in bacteria - Cold stress in fungi. Effects of indirect cold stress Effect of indirect abiotic stresses: Ice, soil heaving, physical and chemical soil changes.


III: Cold adaptation in living organisms

Physiological adaptations in plants
Genetic adaptation in plants- plant breeding
Cold adaptation in microorganisms

IV: Plant- microbe interaction in cold environment
Host pathogen interaction, Genetic basis of disease resistance - Biological control

V: Climatic changes - New challenges
Modeling effects of climate change - Main knowledge gaps

Photo: UMB


Secretariat; Liv Korslund,
fax +47 64 96 56 01;

Conference convenor:
Anne Marte Tronsmo,
IPM, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
NO 1432 Aas, Norway.
Phone +47 92605766;

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