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Goat milk quality 2013 in tromso norway

Goat Milk Quality 2013 in Troms, Norway

Welcome to the Goat Milk Quality conference Tromsoe, Norway June 4th -6th 2013!

Goat milk quality 2013 in tromso norway

In Norway we have relatively few, but well organized goat farmers. Nearly the whole population of goats in the country are dairy goats.

Geit Photo: Grethe Tuven
The dominating product from goat milk is the Norwegian brown cheese.

White goat cheese
Over the last years there have been a growing interest also for white cheese products, and this has led to a stronger focus on milk quality.

Norwegian scientists in collaboration with international scientists have been working on this exciting topic, and this has given us inspiration to invite to an international conference. The International Goat Association has been a vital help to make the idea possible, and we are happy to announce the conference as a Regional IGA Conference.

A taste of artic goat
The conference will take place in Tromsoe which is in the northern part of Norway, known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. We hope that the attendants will experience both the midnight sun, a taste of arctic goat husbandry and professional updating and fellowship.

Welcome to exciting days in Tromsoe, Norway!

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Read more about the research project here: English summary

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