Impress 2018

Conference: Sustaining iconic diadromous fishes: The potential and pitfalls of cultivation


The IMPRESS network is pleased to announce an international conference devoted to the topic of fish cultivation for conservation and sustainable use of wild diadromous species such as eel, salmon and sturgeon. The conference will take place in the city of Arendal on the Southern coast of Norway on June 17-19, 2018.


Norwegian University of Life Sciences and The IMPRESS-network

The aim of the conference is to bring together scientists and various stakeholders to discuss the costs and benefits of cultivation for stocking purposes of wild salmon, eel and sturgeon, and how to improve the quality of future cultivation programs. Particular focus will be given to three iconic diadromous fish species; eel, salmon, and sturgeon, with the additional aim to gather professionals across these species, to exchange perspectives and lessons learned. The conference will explore further both the pros and cons of current restocking strategies. The conference is multidisciplinary and welcome applied and basic contributions from biological sciences, ecology, and social sciences as well as practitioners. There will be a mix of invited speakers and oral sessions based on abstract submissions.


Extended abstract and registration deadline 10 May, 2018.


Confirmed Speakers

  • Eva Thorstad (NINA)
  • Jörn Gessner (IGB)
  • Sten Karlsson (NINA)
  • Alan Walker (Cefas)
  • Kyle Young (UZ)
  • Robert Arlinghaus (IGB)
  • William V. Holt (ZSL)
  • Caroline Durif (IMR)
  • Finn-Arne Weltzien (NMBU)
  • Ian Mayer (NMBU)
  • Johan Höjesjö (UoG)