About explanation for grade

Within one week after grades are published, students can request explanation for the grade in StudentWeb. When the request is registered and processed in the system, the correct appeal deadline will be calculated. Therefore, students should not contact the examiner directly, and it is important that the explanation is registered. If you as an examiner is contacted directly by the student, you must refer them to StudentWeb!

The deadline for giving an explanation is 2 weeks and is individual per request.

The explanation is registered in the same system where the assessment was registered (WISEflow or Fagpersonweb, respectively). The examiner chooses whether the explanation is given in writing or orally, but must in both cases be registered in Wiseflow or Fagpersonweb. The students contact information (to arrange oral feedback) will be visible in the system where it is to be registered.

The student can also request an explanation for the new assessment after an appeal about given grade. This must be handled manually and is not to be registered in the systems as described here.

If a request for explanation leads to a change in grade, contact sensur@nmbu.no


Act relating to universities and university colleges section 5-3 and Academic regulations for NMBU section 43-1.

Notifications and distribution of requests

The internal examiner will receive an e-mail within 24 hours after a new request for explanation has been received. This contains an overview of the course with new requests and a link to the system where the explanation is to be registered. The same e-mail is also sent as a reminder the day before two weeks have passed if the request has not been processed.

The internal examiner receives the notification. If there is an external examiner who answers the explanation request, contact the administration at the faculty so that the notification recipient can be changed. Requests for explanation will be visible to both internal and external examiners in Fagpersonweb, but only one of them needs to answer the request. In WISEflow, the request will be automatically assigned to the internal examinator, but it can be redistributed as needed.

 Explanation - the process summed up

 Assessment is announced

  1. The student registers a request for explanation in StudentWeb within one week
  2. Examiner receives an e-mail notification within 24 hours
  3. Examiner registers written or oral explanation in Fagpersonweb or WISEflow
  4. The student receives an e-mail notification that a new explanation is available
  5. The student can see the explanation (or date of oral explanation) in StudentWeb
  6. The due date for appeal is adjusted according to the date of explanation

User guide for Fagpersonweb

 1. After receiving a notification that there is a new request: follow the link in the e-mail or go directly to Fagpersonweb.

 2. Unprocessed requests for explanations will appear as notifications on the front page, go to Register explanation:

 3. In the list, the examiner chooses whether the explanation is to be given orally (contact information is available and date/time must be registered), in writing (by typing directly into the field) or by uploading a PDF file:

User Guide for WISEflow

1. After receiving a notification of a new request, follow the link in the email or go directly to WISEflow. The overview of the requests can be found via the Marking-tab and the «Grade justifications» button:

2. Open the request to see the handin/paper:

3. On the right side, the examiner can answer the request by entering directly in the field, uploading a file or registering a date/time for oral feedback (contact information is at the top by clicking on the arrow next to the student's name):

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