Processing of appeal about a given grade

The student's deadline for an appeal about the grade is 3 weeks after the publication of the grade. Students appeal in StudentWeb. If the student requests an explanation, the appeal deadline will be adjusted according to when the explanation is given.

The deadline for registering the new grade is 4 weeks after the appeal has been received. The deadline will therefore be individual for each student. In the event of delays, the faculty must inform the student.

It is the faculty that ensures that complaint examiners have access to students’ paper, assignment, and written guidelines.

The student can choose to withdraw the appeal before a new grade has been announced. Complaint examiners will in such cases lose access to register a new grade.


Act relating to universities and university colleges section 5-3 and Academic regulations for NMBU section 43-2


The complaint examiners will receive an e-mail within 24 hours after a new appeal about grade has been received. This contains an overview of the courses with new appeals and a link to the system where the new grade is to be registered. The same e-mail will also be sent as a reminder one day before the deadline for assessment if the appeal has not been processed yet.

Appeal about a given grade – the process summed up

  1. Grades are published in StudentWeb.
  2. The student appeals about the grade in StudentWeb within three weeks after the grade or explanation is published.
  3. Complaint examiners receives e-mail within one day.
  4. Complaint examiners register a new grade in Fagpersonweb or WISEflow
  • Exceptions - see section Appeals that cannot be registered digitally
  • If the new grade is a discrepancy of two grades or more from the ordinary grade, the faculty will follow up with a manual procedure.
  • The student receives notification that a new grade is available in StudentWeb
  • The student can choose to request explanation for the new grade, but must then contact the faculty directly (manual procedure).

 Appeals that cannot be processed digitally (e.g. bachelor’s or master’s thesis)

In some cases, the result of an appeal cannot be registered digitally. This applies to courses where grading is determined on the basis of both a written and oral exam, e.g. bachelor's and master's theses. If a new grade after assessing the written part is to be to the advantage or disadvantage for the student, a new oral examination must be held before a final grade is determined.

The faculty sends student’s paper/degree thesis and written guidelines to the complaint examiner by e-mail. Completed protocol: New assessment (due to a complaint) must be sent back to the faculty, which then states whether an oral exam must be held.

User guide for reassessment in Fagpersonweb

1. After receiving a notification about reassessment after appeals, the faculty will provide examination papers and guidelines for examiners. Follow the link in the e-mail or go directly to Fagpersonweb.

2. Unfinished reassessment will appear as notifications on the front page. They are also available in the overview of grading tasks by the Grading-tab:

3. Reassessment is otherwise conducted as ordinary assessment - see «Assessment in Fagpersonweb».

User guide for reassessment in WISEflow

1. After receiving a notification about reassessment after appeals, follow the link in the e-mail or go directly to WISEflow. The overview of tasks is also available with the Marking-tab and the «Re-marking»-button:


2. Note that the deadline is individual per appeal.

3. Reassessment is otherwise conducted as ordinary assessment - see «Assessment in WISEflow».

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