Examiners WISEflow

The examination answers in a course with a digital exam will only be available for the examiner(s) in WISEflow, and will not be sent on paper.

There are options in the WISEflow system to download the answers if a paper version is desired.

Guide to the assessor tool and to read and mark papers in WISEflow is described in the start-up guide.

Distribution of exam answers between examiners

If several examiners participate in the marking of the exam answers for a course, the answers can be distributes directly in WISEflow. Contact the Department for Academic Affairs for assistance. Each examiner must mark the answers distributed to her/him.

External examiners do not participate in the grading of papers

If an external examiner is not involved in the marking, but only participate in the approval of the examination questions and assessment guidance or marking of a random selection, the regular assessment form must be completed - Assessment form.

Contact the Department of Academic Affairs Kari Bauge for any questions.


Published 17. mars 2017 - 15:16 - Updated 22. mars 2021 - 16:28