FAQ course responsible multiple choice

What type of assignment can you choose from:

One can choose between FLOWassign / submission and FLOWmulti / multiple choice exam
information about the differences is available on the website for digital exam information for teachers.

Flow Multi:
General documentation on the author role in WISEflow

I can't find the author choice in WISEflow:
Contact the study department - to get access as an author.

Create exam information page
One can create an information page about the exam itself - note that this information page disappears for students after the assignment has started. For this to be available throughout the assignment it must be entered as a question. How to create an information page in WISEflow.

How to create questions?
Description of how to create questions in WISEflow.
We recommend that each question (possibly a small number of related questions) be placed on a separate page (section) in the assignment set. It becomes more clear to the students when they answer the exam.

You can post different types of WISEflow questions.

Turn off the opportunity to return to the tasks.
It is possible to remove the ability to navigate back in the exam set.

Options for randomizing questions:
One can choose to randomize the order of exam questions

When the task set is complete:
After the assignment set is complete - select "complete the assignment set" The assignment receives a unique code which must be sent to wiseflow@nmbu.no in order to be connected to the exam itself.

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