Course responsible WISEflow

The course responsible giving a written exam using WISEflow will normally only need to have the role as an Assessor

Exam assignment must be sent digitally to the Department of Academic Affairs. The exam will be created in WISEflow, and the assignment will be available for the students in WISEflow when the exam starts.

Further information about the Assessor role.

As an assisting teacher in a course one can also have access as Reviewer which gives you access to read the answers, without grading them.

Multiple choice exams

If you are creating a multiple choice test in WISEflow, you need the role as Author. 

A multiple choice exam in WISEflow, can be a lot more than a simple question with four possible answers. You can choose between a lot of different question tyes, such as fill in blanks in text, image drag and drop, classification, math and chemistry formula, graphs and essays. See all the available question types here.

As an author, you can create your own content bank, and label the content with different categories. Use the content bank to create an activity, and the Department of Academic Affairs will connect it to the exam set up in WISEflow.

If you register scoring on the questions in your content bank, you can set the grades automatically through point based assessment,


Information about students who do not have their own PC / Mac and computer requirements.


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