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How to log in to WISEflow


INTERN ASSESSOR: For employees at NMBU use NMBU-Feide

EXTERNAL ASSESSOR: Information how to log in to WISEflow as an external assessor

NOTE! Useful videos and materials

Get started guide for assessor in WISEflow – general information on how to download answers/thesis, use the assessor tool, register grades

Assessment of submitted papers / bachelor’s or master’s thesis

Assessment of multiple choice exam (FLOWmulti)


  1. Both internal and external assessors have access to the exam answers / assignments / thesis in WISEflow and can assess them in the assessor tool.
  1. If the assessor reads the exam answers / assignments / thesis in the assessor tool, he/she can set his/her proposal for mark here. Internal and external assessors can perform assessment independently.
  1. When the assessor has set his assessment on all the students, he/she must press “Open the mark overview”, check if the grades have been entered correctly and then press “Submit all”.
  1. Grading can also take place by going directly to the grading registration view – press «Open the mark overview» on the exam page. Note that there is also a button «Export assessments», where you can download the grades, either as a PDF or CSV file.

    In this case register marks in the Assessment-column and then press “Submit all”.
  1. If one of the assessors has registered marks, but the other has not done that yet, this will be symbolised by a padlock next to the marks.
  1. When BOTH / ALL assessors (if there is more than one) have registered and submitted their final assessment and all of the marks are identical, this will be symbolised as by a green checkmark next to the marks.
  1. If the assessors have registered different assessment, a red warning sign will appear next to marks which are not identical.
    Assessors must agree on the final marks and register the final marks anew, as the assessment will not be accepted unless both of assessors register identical assessments.

Marks are then transferred to FS, and published in StudentWeb.

  • If the student has submitted a blank assignment, the mark must be F.
  • If the student has not submitted, the Department of Academic Affairs will register “not met”.

Incorrect assessment

If you have noticed that a mistake in the assessment after pressing the button for “Submit all”, you must contact the Department of Academic Affairs ( as soon as possible.


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