Assessment Fagpersonweb

Remember to register compulsory activities before you register grades.

Grades may be registered in

  1. Fagpersonweb

  2. WISEflow

  3. By mail to

This guide shows how to assess in Fagpersonweb.


  1. Log on to Fagpersonweb
  2. Choose language to the top right.
  3. Pick “grading” from the top menu
  4. Find the course you want to grade. Be aware of the semester filter on to the right.
  5. Fill in the grades and any comments. (The comments are not shown for the students but might be handy when students ask for feedback)
  6. Choose “sign and transfer”
  7. Leave an empty field for students that have not handed anything in.
  8. At the end you will get a receipt.

When in doubt or where there are any errors please contact (please include course code)

Published 23. mars 2021 - 12:17 - Updated 30. november 2021 - 16:09