QuestBack is a tool for online surveys, used for collecting, analyzing and following up information. NMBU has access to this resource, and we use it for all Web-based evaluations, registrations, welfare surveys etc. Departments, teachers and researchers can also be assigned an account to use for surveys, evaluations and data collection.


QuestBack has a simple user interface that allows the user to create a wide range of Web-based surveys. Several researchers, at different NMBU departments, use QuestBack as a tool in their research. The teachers can, for example, create their own specialized evaluation for his/her subject. In some cases teachers can use it as a part of their teaching. Students can apply for a student account for use in bachelor, master and PhD work (lasts for 6 months, no support from QuestBack and limited support from NMBU). PhD students may apply for a fixed account.

With a fixed account (free for NMBU PhD students and staff), the user has free access to support and Web seminars from QuestBack. In addition the user manual and the web information is of high quality. If QuestBack courses are needed, the courses must be paid for by the unit/department or from research founds.

Curious about QuestBack? Take a look at the QuestBack’s web page ( and contact the Department of Academic Affairs.

Published 5. mars 2014 - 14:48 - Updated 23. mai 2017 - 19:42